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Republic of the Philippines

Professional Regulation Commission (PRC)

City of Manila


Professional Regulatory Board of Architecture (PRBoA)


Welcome Message

Warm greetings to You all!

I and the two (2) Members of the reconstituted PRBoA, namely Architects Angeline T. Chua Chiaco, fuap and Marietta B. Segovia, uap, aaif, welcome You to the new official website of the reconstituted PRBoA. This new website complements the one for the PRBoA at the official PRC website, and contains a large amount of information and documents that could not be readily accommodated at the PRC website.   

Through this website, it is the reconstituted PRBoA's express wish that many more areas of cooperation between the PRBoA and the public that it serves shall still be opened, specially in its remaining two (2) years of existence i.e. only until 16 November 2009 (by which time a new PRBoA is expected to take over), and that these areas of cooperation are kept evolving and moving forward in order to help attain the primary goal of the full implementation and enforcement of Republic Act (R.A.) No. 9266, otherwise known as the Architecture Act of 2004 (in effect since 10 April 2004), its implementing rules and regulations (IRR, in effect since 01 December 2004) and its derivative regulations (in effect since the 1970s).

R.A. No. 9266 is a statute that is valid and subsisting. To date (05 February 2008), there is no temporary restraining order (TRO), no writ of preliminary injunction (WPI) and no pending question on the constitutionality on any of its provisions. All national and local government officials are therefore mandated under law to implement and enforce R.A. No. 9266, under pain of sanction/s.   

It is also the express wish of the reconstituted PRBoA that through this website, it is able to receive the full and continuing support of the United Architects of the Philippines – Integrated and Accredited Professional Organization of Architects (UAP-IAPOA), at its national, district and chapter levels, particularly on the current and future PRBoA initiatives in line with R.A. No. 9266 and on the requisite national dissemination and use of the information/documents in this website.

R.A. No. 9266 is there to protect all registered and licensed architects (RLAs), all aspirants to the architectural profession and the general public that RLAs serve and whose interests the RLAs must continually uphold, even above their own.      

May the Lord bless us all and the resurgent architecture profession as well.  Mabuhay kayong lahat!



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